You awaken in a smoldered house, with falling ash like snow. A flying shadowed pokemon is over you, not looking at you and has you covered in a shield. As the fires extinguish, the pokemon howls and flies away into the night sky. Tiny flames and smoke sit on wooden planks that used to be the wall. Your bed is the only part of your room that's fine. You cautiously hop to the floor, hoping it doesn't break. After you get a few steps away from the door, you pass out from smoke inhalation. You wake up again in front of your burned house with firemen and your parents surrounding you. They cheer once they see you're alive and the firemen leave. Your parents hug you and the intro fades to the silhouette of the legendary pokemon in the beginning with the logo.

Main StoryEdit

The screen starts black and white text appears. The screen turns white to make the text fade away and the black silhouette swoops by again and the screen turn black again. Professor Pine appears. The pokemon introduction happens and Professor Pine throws out a new pokemon. He acts boy or girl and name. The screen flashes white and shows you in your bedroom. You have a bed, desk, a light, and a drawer with a T.V. on it. Your mom wakes you up and tells you to go downstairs. Your father greets you and tells you your bestfriend and cousin were waiting for you on the lab roof. You go to the lab and go up two floors to get to the roof where Professor Pine, your cousin, and best friend are waiting. As you speak and name you cousin and best friend (Cousin is male, friend is female), a helicopter flies overhead and swoops down. A ladder is out and a grunt snatched all the test pokeballs (not the starters). Whatever you choose, your win-it-all best friend chooses the one effective against your starter and your optimistic cousin picks the one your starter is effective against. You, your best friend, and your cousin are given PokeDexs, Pokeballs, and a device that will track the helicopter. Your cousin and best friend follow you as you walk down the first route. Your cousin teaches you how to catch pokemon.

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