is the second episode of Pokémon Infinity.


Zero walked into Cherrygrove City.

(Zero): The grass is scary. Oh well, at least Poochyena leveled up a few times.

(Poochyena): Pooch!

(Creepy Old Guy Gent): Hello, newcomer!

(Zero): Let's leave...

(Gent): Wait, here's a Map Card for your Pokégear!

(Zero): What? Yay!

Gent gave Zero a Map Card. Zero put it up in the air and it shined, while the sound "Do-Da-Do" is heard. Zero walked into the Pokémon Center.

(Gent): My eyes!


Zero gave his Pokémon to Joy.

(Zero): Less talk, more healing!

After healing, Zero rushed upstairs. He rushed upstairs again. He was in the Trainer Area.

(Voice): Hey! I'm Youngster Joey!

(Zero): Okay then... Let's duel!

(Joey): I always get that remark. I'm not Joey Wheeler!

(Zero): I believe you.

Later that night, while Zero, Poochyena, and Joey are sleeping...

(Guy): Totodile, let's steal that Poochyena. I have a feeling it's special...

(Totodile): Toto...

Poochyena woke up.

(Poochyena): Pooch!

(Guy): Ah! Go, Voltorb! Selfdestruct!

The guy threw a Voltorb. It exploded. The guy recalled it, and he and his Totodile ran away.

The next morning...

(News Reporter): Here, last night, a terrible accident happened. We have some witnesses.

(Joey): It happened because some idiot's Poochyena wasn't keeping guard!

(Zero): Hey! Let's battle! On live television!

(Joey): What!? I'll win!

(Zero): Go, Cyndaquil!

(Joey): Rattata go!

(Zero): Only a Rattata?

(Joey): My Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattata! Rattata, use Tackle!

Rattata charged at Zero's Cyndaquill. Cyndaquill is hit and fainted.

(Zero): LE GASP!

(Joey): Next Pokemon?

(Zero): ...Poochyena, go!

Poochyena ran to the battlefield. It growled.

(Zero): Use Bite!

(Joey): Dodge it and use Quick Attack!

Poochyena charged at Rattata with its fang glowing, but Rattata used Quick Attack and appeared behind Poochyena.

(Zero): Nuu!

Rattata tackled Poochyena. Poochyena fainted.

(Joey): HAHA! Next?

(Zero): Scyther, I choose you!

(Rattata): Rat!

(Joey): Iron Tail!

(Zero): Dodge!

Rattata ran at Scyther with its tail glowing, but Scyther dodged the attack. Rattata jumped and hit Scyther from above. Scyther fainted.

(Zero): -inglip face- Go, RAYQUAZA!

(Everybody): RUN! THE SKY BEAST!

(Rayquaza): What is wrong with these people?

(Joey): Rattata, go! Toxic!

(Rayquaza): Hyper... Beam!

Rayquaza shot a Hyper Beam at Rattata. Rattata dodged. Rayquaza used another Hyper Beam. Rattata used Toxic again. Rayquaza dodged low. Rattata used Hyper Fang.

(Rayquaza): Uhh... AGH!

(Zero): Hold on, buddy! Super Potion! And...

Zero called out Poochyena and gave it a Max Revive.

(Poochyena): Pooch!

(Zero): Rayquaza, return! Poochyena, go, Bite!

(Poochyena): Pooch!

(Joey): Rattata, Iron Tail!

(Rattata): Raaaaaaat...

(Zero): Poochyena, counter with Bite!

Poochyena bit Rattata's tail.

(Zero): Aww yeah! Now... Tackle!

Poochyena rammed into Rattata.

(Zero): Poochyena, return! Rayquaza, go, Hyper Beam!

(Rayquaza): Raaay.... Quaaaaaaaza....

(Joey): Uh-oh.

Rayquaza fired Hyper Beam at Rattata. Rattata fainted.

(Joey): No... But... Rattata....

(Zero): Rayquaza, return.

(Joey): But I've never been beaten. And this was on TV, too!

(Zero): You can carry more than one Pokémon. You know that?

(Joey): Oh... But I will have revenge!

Zero walked away.

(Zero): Maybe someday.

In a base in a city/region/area not to be mentioned...

(Guy): So... It appears Zero's Poochyena is strong. You will nab it, along with his Rayquaza.

(Grunts): Hmph, yessir!

The grunts walked out of the room.

(Guy): We'll have them....

The End.