Figy's Pichu is a spiky eared Pichu. It has a slightly lighter color than most Pichus.He is very energetic, fast, ninja-like, thief-like, and can sometimes get annoying. Other times, he is a completely calm Pichu that sleeps on Figy's head or shoulder. Due to his spiky ear, he was named Spike as he was a childhood pokemon friend to Figy because he didn't live around many others and spent time coming up with a language where he can communicate with Pichu. His Pichu helps him translate from other pokemon. Quite strangely enough, Pichu translates for Figy, Figy translates for humans. Pichu has been known to pull up a ninja mask over his face so only his eyes are showing, seemingly out of nowhere. Pichu and Figy do not know it, but they share a psychic bond of empathy and telepathic communication. Empathy as in if Pichu or Figy get hurt, Pichu or Figy would feel the other's pain. Pichu is also a good traveler and knows how to use a compass and map well, which helps Figy who sometimes loses his sense of direction. Pichu is also vey productive. He sometimes sneaks away and builds/fiddles with objects, let it be making leaves into a glidder or playing the leaf whistle, which they both share a talent in. Pichu is a very curious adventurous pokemon who just wants to explore the world with Figy. Pichu used to have many discharges and problems with his attacks, but has gradually gotten better, with only a once in a while discharge. Pichu loves to swim and even has his own mini surf board carved out of wood and painted like a pokeball. He doesn't like being in his pokeball like Ash's Pikachu and often likes to change modes of transportation, which can sometimes be annoying which Pichu flying by on a leaf, running by you, or riding a stream by your side. Pichu also likes to draw art and is quite good at it. He sometimes gets bored and sketches on leaves with tree bark. Pichu likes video games and gets competetive and angry when he loses. Pichu is very human like because he spent so much time with Figy. Figy had friends as a child, they were just normally out or sick. Pichu in the new TV show by Figy and Brian always pulls random objects out of nowhere. He is related to many known Pichus such as the Ukulele Pichu, The Pikachu Colored Pichu, The Pichu Brothers, and the Spiky-Eared Pichu in Arceus and the Jewel of Life. He shares talents from these relatives such as the feature of a spiky-ear, he is good at the ukulele, has skill and mischeviousness, and is slightly discolored from a normal Pichu inbetween the color of a Pikchu and Pichu.