Starting OutEdit

You awake, playing as Tommy. Walk across the floor and wake up your sister, Kimberly. Her icon appears on the upper left corner of the lower screen. Walk to the hall, and go downstairs. The time and date is 2:00 AM February 8, 3000. Switch to Kimberly by pressing her icon. In her icon's place in the corner is Tommy's icon. Go to the kitchen. Grab your lunches. Switch to Tommy. Grab your backpacks.


It is 7:00 AM. Hurry, you are late for school! Switch to Kimberly and run to the hoverbus, with Tommy following you.


It is nearly lunch time. Switch to Tommy. Suddenly, an earthquake happens. Switch to Kimberly and run as the cyberschool falls. Jump off of the building. Tommy runs after you. You hit the ground, but in a different dimension.

The Ever BeginningEdit

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